Saturday, 15 May 2021

Visiting Home For Teachings - With The Beings

This drawing is where the Beings would take me for my teachings

" The Beings began to talk to me and give many 
teachings for humans to ponder on"

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From a young age (before 5 years old) I would go travelling whilst sleeping, I would wake up on the floor, in the bathroom and find bruises on my skin, I would go to the doctors with regards to the bruises when I got older they never found the reason why they would appear. I continued to travel, up to this present day but found it hard to remember everything only bits would manifest, this would scare me as a child and would see it as nightmares, but why didn't anyone else share these nightmares like me, why didn't they have bruises on there skin when they woke, why didn't they wake up else where and why didn't they go travelling whilst a sleep. I had so much questions in my head with no answers.

In 2017 3 Beings came to visit that would change my life. The Beings began to talk to me and give many teachings for humans to ponder on, they shared that it was home that I would travel to when I was younger and that it was part of my contract to get teaching from them and for me to bring it into earth when I was older. This made sense to me and felt right in my heart and I connected with what they were sharing with me, I started to feel relaxed around them and was open to find out more, I was not scared as I felt the love within the energy and by me being open I was able to listen and put the teachings into practice.

This year 2021 they started to take me to their home where I would be taught many things to relay back to other humans (which they said is were I come from) I would go to sleep and they would come to collect me around 3.40am every night. For a while I would be taken at night but would not remember everything that happen, it was very vague but enough to know I definitely went some where. there were times I would leave my body at 3.40am and felt like I had gone for a long time and when I would look at the clock when I woke it would only be 3.50am now that was very surprising for me.

How the Beings would come to collect me

I asked them once "why do we have a string to bind us" 
they would say " it is the supply cord of life humans 
may call it the umbilical cord"

When I would visit there dimensional home they would say we have only gone next door we are not fare to your earthly home. The Beings would have a string that would be connected to them and myself at all times while I would go travelling with them. I asked them once why do we have a string to bind us, they would say it is the supply cord of life humans may call it the umbilical cord between the mother and child at birth, what humans do not know is that the umbilical cord does not disconnect when it is cut it just comes invisible to see, they never said much more on that matter.

They would show how humans react to fear in many different ways, by our thoughts, creatures, our body, animals and much more, humans fear the unknown and known in many ways that would cause an effect on the environment, fear is energy that humans are governed by which changes there experiences on earth.

They explained how energy can change form in a moment however humans do not know how to use the energy within as we go out of self for answers and don't allow our inner doctor to show and tell us how (they like to call this our superpower.)

Me going back to earth after a teaching session

 I never ask them what they were doing on my brain as 

the thought would always leave my mind when I would remember, 

this was very similar with regards to my connection with the Beings.


More than once they would do some work on my brain, well this is what it would feel like, I would feel energy going through my brain it did not hurt but when I would wake back in earth I would feel a slight headache that would only be for a moment then it would disappear, I never ask them what they were doing on my brain as the thought would always leave my mind when I would remember, this was very similar with regards to my connection with the Beings, when they made contact I would remember them however when they weren't around they will be totally our of my mind I wouldn't remember them at all, I appreciated this as it allowed me to get on with this earthly life after all I had a family, hubby, a business and foster children.

 In the pictures I have drawn you will see tiny squares with a dot in the middle those where other energies what will be looking at the process it's like they were being taught of the process that was happening. Not much interaction was experienced when I would go traveling, they would do their thing then I would go back it was a simple process, when I would get back into earth and speak to the Beings then they would explain things to me, not everything I would get an answer as they would say it is not time yet.

 The Beings visit many others for different reasons they told me and I am starting to connect with others that has had some form of connection, they have said they have experienced seeing or feeling these Beings at some point in their life my friend Annette is one of those people she started to connect with them after they first came to visit me back in 2017. 

 They now visit me whenever they have a message or when I have to go travelling to their home for teachings of some sort, there are times I can call them in and they would present themselves which is very cool. Their energy is very loving and straight to the point no messing around which works for me.

Humans have much to still learn here on earth and the Beings are here to guide us if humans are ready to listen and learn they are visitors having an experience and that nothing is theirs as everything is just the oneness having an experience, yes I know this may sound odd to many lol however the Beings are here to explain if we are open, that is a choice we have as humans. Stay tuned for further insights and messages from the Beings until then love & peace always. 


 ~ Sage ~






Thursday, 11 February 2021

Come into my world for just a moment - Autism

Come into my world for just a moment - Autism. 

How I communicate with the outside world from an autism perspective.
I found out I was autistic as an adult however I wasn't surprised as the traits were clear to see the older I became. Autism is not easy to pinpoint in females and yes you can have eye contact with people and still have the traits.🌠

In this video I'm real, honest and hope someone is able to see autism in a different way.🌠
Not everyone shows the same traits with regards to autism, we are all unique and experience different things, what we do share is that we are all human beings that deserves to be free to express who we are with love, peace and freedom. enjoy.💛💙💚
                        ~ The Sage~

Monday, 8 February 2021

CHON - Energy Field Activation

It was the month of October 2017, 3 beings entered my living room staring at me from the door way, I wasn't just terrified but shocked with the fact they had a big head, no eyes, nose, mouth or ears with a tiny body. They spoke in my mind and asked me to draw them to allow my fear to instantly disappear, with no hesitation I began drawing, within that moment my fear turned to the most calmness feeling that I hadn't  experienced for a while.

The beings came to give humans information with regards to earth, how we do things, why we experience what we do and things that humans are missing whilst being here in earth.

My drawing of the 3 beings
Throughout the first 2 years of the beings being around they shared many things to myself and a friend of mine, things the world should know and things specifically for myself to learn and experience. One of these experiences were to download some symbols and sounds into my concousness.

Through meditation they showed me 26 symbols that I had to draw and then sounds and vibrations to go with the symbols.

I've been using these symbols ever since for myself, my pets, family and close friends, for energy, healing, cleansing, motivation, focus and to connect to our higher self, our home that we find difficult to hear at times.

The symbols & sounds activates the body and mind to our higher self, allowing us to connect to our home easier. Then one day I was told it is time to share it with the world.

The 26 symbols & sounds
What is CHON?
This name was explained to my friend and I from the beings.
Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen.
Elements DNA

Carbon is a very abundant element. It exists in pure or nearly pure forms – such as diamonds and graphite – but can also combine with other elements to form molecules. These carbon-based molecules are the basic building blocks of humans, animals, plants, trees and soils

Hydrogen is the number one element on the periodic table.
There is nothing above it, left of it or right of it.

Oxygen, you only have to inhale and exhale to appreciate the vital importance of oxygen in everyday life. The third most abundant element in the universe after hydrogen and helium.

Nitrogen is one of the building blocks of life: it is essential for all plants and animals to survive. 

There comes a time in life when we get to learn that there is so much more to life, the more we connect to our higher self ( our home within) the more we see feel and hear.

The CHON energy field is for everyone who would like to tap into there power within.

~ The Sage ~

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Mindfulness Meditation: The Vagus Nerve System To Release Trauma


Many people are experiencing past and current trauma since the lock down situation. this meditation clears the mind and body whilst releasing trauma that may show up. below is the meditation you can use to release any form of trauma, why not give it a go.....if it's repeated for 30 days there will be no looking back.

What is the vagus nerve

The vagus nerve carries a range of signals from the digestive system and organs to the brain. Extending from it's origin in the brain stem through the neck and the thorax right down to the abdomen.

Stimulating the vagus nerve:

There are many ways to stimulate the vagus nerve in this blog I will be sharing how to activate it through visualisation meditation. You can send a message to your brain / body to let it know it is time to relax and de-stress, this is where this meditation technique comes in.

Releasing trauma through meditation: check out the video below

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

When stereotypes and perception of others gets in the way


How you are perceived to be

When I was younger I always wanted to be different, look different or behave differently to others not because I thought other people's style or look wasn't good enough for me but because I saw the creative side to being different and plus I didn't want to be the same as everybody else.

Today this remains the same but it has changed form in the sense that the creativity that I see of the outside of me also shows itself from the inside. With anything that we do or say causes an effect in some way especially when it comes to others.

As an adult I was given the name ( The Sage) from a spiritual teacher, it took me a while to not just embrace that title or label but to love the fact that a person could see the sage within me (which we all have within us by the way) the main thing I feared was other people's judgments as I know the sage that I would became would have to show how I was and the freedom of who I am, which would include my creativity and difference.

Now my fear was getting in the way from being able to grow, me being able to embrace the label and being able to allow the label to embrace the oneness of who I was. I was petrified to use the name and embrace a gift someone gave me because how I thought others might see me, after all I saw a sage to a be a spiritual being that maybe already lived the materialistic life, dressed in robes and at times wore no shoes and wanted to experience transitioning into the wisdom of sharing and loving others by just being and not wanting or needing anything else in their life. This was me to a degree however I still wanted to experience the creativity that would want to show itself from within to the outside and that scared me as we know creativity comes in so many different ways, so I went to the place that I knew best my meditation hub to have a sharing with the universe.

What came out was absolutely amazing, the energy within filled my body with wisdom to understand what freedom and creativity really meant. what it meant to feel free to share, express, love and experience enjoyment in the process, I was a child again embracing the inner child and allowing the inner child to remind me why I am here on earth and why we have labels.

" Being FREE can come with fear, doubt 

and having to deal with the perception of others"

~The Sage~

From that moment a feeling of peace and freedom came over me, it was very clear to me that we all have the sage within us and that labels are words that transforms into energy and creates the experiences that we choose or think we don't choose.

Stereotypes and perceptions will always be part of the human race, something for us to learn from and make the changes that we feel will benefit us. 

So how to get other people's perceptions of us out of the way?

1, whenever it comes our way, see it for what it is and let it move on

2, Don't take on other people's opinions about you, after all they are not living your journey

3, release it through meditation or prayer

4, feel the fear and let it go anyway

5, sending back love and a smile always works

We tend to put things in our way when we are fearful or don't understand, apart from this subject anything is able to get in our way in life, it's for us to be able to shift that energy and continue to move forward, it's not easy at times but taking action is always the way forward.

By the way since my talk with the universe  I never looked back I use the word the sage with pride.

~The Sage~


Friday, 21 August 2020

What is a mantra


While practising meditation for over 20 years I come across people asking what are mantras and how can they benefit the meditation process so I thought I would share my personal experiences with creating mantras, what are mantras and the benefits. 


In Hinduism and Buddhism mantras are classed as a sacred syllable, word or sentence that is considered to possess a spiritual efficacy. Mantras can be embraced in different ways, spoken out loud or sounded internally in one's thoughts. One example of a well known mantra is the Om (which can mean it is or to become, although it can be interpreted in many other ways also.) 


Words are vibrations which allows energy of words to travel and flow changing our energy and thoughts. I consider myself a flower which needs water to grow and the freedom to have the space for the leaves and flowers to evolve naturally. By creating my own mantras it allowed my thoughts to change from negative thoughts to positive uplifting thoughts naturally.

I started using mantras around 10 years into practising meditation, it reminded me of when I used to write songs when I was younger, I was able to free my mind from my day to day life and use positive words and sounds to change things in my life that was not going to well.

Today I create my own symbols, sounds and mantras to release any thoughts, to embrace my inner being and send blessings to our universe (the oneness of all things.) Words can be very powerful, what we say or think can easily manifest into the physical which can cause an effect of some sort.


1, It can reprogram the subconscious mind

2, Relieve stress and anxiety 

3, Boast positive thinking

4, Quiets the chattering mind

5, Helps to release endorphins

6, Allows you to focus on one thing at a time

7, Helps to regulate breathing

8, Works on your confidence

9, Works on your patience

10, Gives you a feel good factor

You can also use mantras in poems, prayer, writing songs and drawing, why is this? because mantras are based on repetition and repeating for the energy to flow and change form therefore this can be done in different ways.

This is my personal understanding of how I see and use mantras and they work for me very well however don't just take my word as this is just my perception try it and see if it works for you.


1, sit in a comfortable position, relaxing your body and mind

2, think of a mantra you would like to say - for example " life is good"

3, while breathing in say "life is good" in your mind

4, when breathing out release "life is good" from your mind

5, repeat this as much as you can

6, other thoughts may enter your mind, just let that pass and replace it with " life is good"

7, this could be a mantra that you use for a week, whatever you are doing throughout the day you can say " life is good" by the time you know it you will feel a difference in your energy.

~ The Sage~

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Learning how to meditate for the first time: a simple method

Zoe Pennant (known as the Sage) shares her views on learning meditation

Many years ago life seemed a real struggle, money was tight (only because I wasn't living to my means) I was epileptic, dyslexic and suffered from anaemia, PMT and low blood pressure just naming a few.

My ill health and stressed lifestyle seemed to take over my life, I got to a point where I felt nobody on the outside could help me but myself so I started to search and find other ways to heal self, this is when meditation found me or I found it.

I have been meditating now for over 15 years and it have changed my life in a way that I no longer worry about things that chooses to show itself in my experiences of life, meditation doesn't just relax the mind, body and soul but also helps you to connect with that inner you. Why don't try it today as it might just change your life for the better. 

There are so many different forms of meditation, Sound/Vibration meditation, Walking meditation, Silent meditation, Chakra meditation, Yoga meditation, Tibetan meditation, the list can go on.
Once you arrive on this journey you are able to grow and create your own meditation that will work for you

Below I have made a simple meditation video that anyone can try it is a starting point by where you can start to explore and just maybe you might find the inner you that you have been searching for....

Once you realise in life that the only real person that can change your life is you, you will never look back again as the past can not help you today but can remind you of where you have been. Start today to give yourself the love and time that the YOU is crying out for and remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

A list of things meditation is good for:

Balancing the body
eases chronic pain
boasting our mood and immunity
self awareness
and much more....