Friday 21 August 2020

What is a mantra


While practising meditation for over 20 years I come across people asking what are mantras and how can they benefit the meditation process so I thought I would share my personal experiences with creating mantras, what are mantras and the benefits. 


In Hinduism and Buddhism mantras are classed as a sacred syllable, word or sentence that is considered to possess a spiritual efficacy. Mantras can be embraced in different ways, spoken out loud or sounded internally in one's thoughts. One example of a well known mantra is the Om (which can mean it is or to become, although it can be interpreted in many other ways also.) 


Words are vibrations which allows energy of words to travel and flow changing our energy and thoughts. I consider myself a flower which needs water to grow and the freedom to have the space for the leaves and flowers to evolve naturally. By creating my own mantras it allowed my thoughts to change from negative thoughts to positive uplifting thoughts naturally.

I started using mantras around 10 years into practising meditation, it reminded me of when I used to write songs when I was younger, I was able to free my mind from my day to day life and use positive words and sounds to change things in my life that was not going to well.

Today I create my own symbols, sounds and mantras to release any thoughts, to embrace my inner being and send blessings to our universe (the oneness of all things.) Words can be very powerful, what we say or think can easily manifest into the physical which can cause an effect of some sort.


1, It can reprogram the subconscious mind

2, Relieve stress and anxiety 

3, Boast positive thinking

4, Quiets the chattering mind

5, Helps to release endorphins

6, Allows you to focus on one thing at a time

7, Helps to regulate breathing

8, Works on your confidence

9, Works on your patience

10, Gives you a feel good factor

You can also use mantras in poems, prayer, writing songs and drawing, why is this? because mantras are based on repetition and repeating for the energy to flow and change form therefore this can be done in different ways.

This is my personal understanding of how I see and use mantras and they work for me very well however don't just take my word as this is just my perception try it and see if it works for you.


1, sit in a comfortable position, relaxing your body and mind

2, think of a mantra you would like to say - for example " life is good"

3, while breathing in say "life is good" in your mind

4, when breathing out release "life is good" from your mind

5, repeat this as much as you can

6, other thoughts may enter your mind, just let that pass and replace it with " life is good"

7, this could be a mantra that you use for a week, whatever you are doing throughout the day you can say " life is good" by the time you know it you will feel a difference in your energy.

~ The Sage~

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